Your photo-shoots are done on location, whether that be at the park, a beach, your home or a place of your choice that has a special meaning to you. Every person and family is unique and my aim is to take relaxed & unobtrusive photos of you in an environment where you feel comfortable and completely at ease and the rest ... will flow naturally.

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Little Ones

It’s unrealistic, not to mention very stressful for all involved, to expect young children to sit still for any length of time, therefore ... I don’t! 

Capturing children during play and crazy fun times makes for stunning and magical photos and looks so much more natural than a ‘I hate your camera and am only smiling because my mum promised me sweets’ grin!  

Its amazing what you can get from kids when they think you’re not looking!!

I also believe that true personalities should shine through, if your child pulls a funny face when they smile or acts cheeky when playing about or stands in a way that drives you crazy ... thats them, in their truest form and their photo should represent that, why would you want a picture on your wall of a child that looks nothing like your own?

‘Reality is real charm’

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Belly Beautiful

Your pregnancy is the only time in your life that you can be ROUND & PROUD. Whether you love being pregnant or just see it as a means to an end ... its over so quickly and it’s a time that can never be replayed – not exactly! Beautiful flattering pictures taken of you and your bump should be taken at around 36 weeks pregnant.

Sessions start from £50

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‘Life is not measured by the amount of breaths that we take ...
but by the moments that take our breath away!’